Professional Staffing Solutions is a recruiting firm serving employers and job seekers throughout New York City and Long Island with the highest quality staffing services for permanent and temporary positions. The keys to our quality are personalized service and decades of experience.

The founder of Professional Staffing Solutions, Norman Wasserman first started his career in recruiting in November of 1972. He made his first deal within a week, placing a junior accountant in a small accounting firm. The ensuing difficulties he had in getting paid by the employer taught him a very valuable lesson, which has served both him and his clients well over the course of his career. The lesson? Know the nuisances of the industry you're working with! Had this placement (or any placement within public accounting) been done after tax season, these problems would not have occurred. Wasserman has made it a point to understand each of the industries he deals with to ensure that each placement is not only the right fit, but that the process proceeds smoothly.

While dealing with the tax-season trials of his first deal, a young Mr. Wasserman landed his second deal weeks later with a Fortune 200 Corporation, which became a long-term relationship spanning decades and indicating that he just might be a natural in this industry.

Through the decades that he and his partner ran his former company, Concepts in Staffing, the firm grew to include 100 agents and fill three floors of an office building in Manhattan. With the changes in the industry, and the events of September 11, 2001 still weighing on him, Norman Wasserman thought it might be time to for a change in 2011, so he sold his portion of Concepts in Staffing, in favor of working on his other business, Friend Entertainment USA, which he had started 20 years earlier, helping people anywhere in the country to raise money for charitable causes while marketing and branding their business.

Since then, he has learned that Friend Entertainment USA demands mostly evening hours and started looking for another way to fill his days. He applied for various positions in both employment recruiting and marketing, for all of which he was perhaps overqualified. He learned two very important lessons during that quest:

1. Finding a job after age 50 is not easy.
2. Many of the current online job search software is so overwhelmed that it fails to make appropriate matches between open job positions and job applicants.
Ever the entrepreneur, Wasserman's solution was to go back to an industry in which he excelled and as such created Professional Staffing Solutions.


At this point in the employment history of the New York City metropolitan area, it seems that employers looking to fill a position and job seekers have pretty much two choices ... the online employment match websites that robotically screen thousands of resumes and applications, or the major NYC/Long Island recruiting firms that handle such a large volume that the results are similar. The fine points are missed and the matches between open positions and job applicants may be less than ideal.

Bringing Back the Human Touch
Until artificial intelligence is perfected, no software will be able to detect subtleties, conduct face to face interviews and process non-verbal cues quite like a human being. Especially for industries and job positions which require client contact, the ability to read subtle cues can mean the difference between a successful placement and lots of wasted time and money on all sides.
One of the many services Professional Staffing Solutions offers to job seekers is resume preparation or improvement, so the resume reflects the true value of the applicant.

Your Time is Valuable

Whether you are an employer with a job opening you are looking to fill or a job applicant looking for the right job, we understand that you don't want to waste your time on interviews that are a poor fit. That's why we go to great lengths to understand each job opening and get to know every applicant. We do detailed pre-screening to minimize the time spent on interviewing by both employers and job seekers.

Victim of Ageism?

If you are in the job market past the age of 50, there's a good chance that your age is the reason you are being passed over for positions for which you are well qualified. You know that you're a great candidate, but you can't get past the gatekeeper (electronic or otherwise). Having experienced this personally, our founder, Norman Wasserman has a special affinity for helping older job applicants achieve their employment goals. Of course, the ultimate decision is up to the employer, but we can help to match applicants to positions based on more than just keywords, improving the odds of triumph over ageism.

Helping Companies Relocate

When a company makes the decision to relocate, they may be able to bring some of their employees with them but will be leaving a good percentage behind. Over the course of his career as a recruiter in the New York City area, Wasserman has helped companies to fill as many as 200 positions in their new location, and served the employees being left behind in finding new employment. If you are considering a company relocation to or from the New York City metropolitan area, call Norman to learn how Professional Staffing Solutions can make the move easier for your company and for those who'll be left behind.

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